In Few Words


  • In the last 15 years, our mission to inspire continues to shape our business future actively. By leveraging our knowledge of design and manufacturing, we create consumer experiences to inspire and drive growth, within defined parameters.
  • Digital Packaging believes in collaborating with people living and breathing retail, knows that product is beautiful only when it arrives on time and fulfills its promise. We must like each other, moreover. We are not “Yes people” or “buyers,” our goal is to become an extension of your brand efficiently and effectively.
  • Throughout the management of our global supply chain, our cross-disciplinary approach combines design thinking, product creation and mass manufacturing expertise. This holistic approach gives your team the necessary knowledge and foresight to overcome these unforeseen obstacles in the fashion and retail business.
  • Diverse and dynamic, creative solutions are provided by our design thinking team through luxury, retail, and fashion.
  • You will be inspired by design packaging, their skills and their commitment.


Tell-tale designs that make your brand stand out, speak out and reach out.

Market Strategy

Right solutions with the right mix in the right direction.


We will be with you right away till far away.


What we Do

  1. Packzy brings to the table a truly global system of packaging solutions – idea to media.
  2. Packzy has been creating and recreating brands for more than 20 years. We are happy to see our clients especially new brands and start-ups predominantly from the apparel, technology, beverages and luxury segments perform in the global stage beating boundaries and repeating bounties.
  3. Our team is led by insightful professionals with rich experience in retail life-cycle forecasting, packaging designs, production, supply chain operations and international logistics.
  4. Packaging design trends keep changing every season and it is strong enough a reason that you may consider hiring us. Because, ours is a collective approach to your packaging needs. Our team well versed with handling luxury brands, retail market understanding, in-depth knowledge of mass manufacturing, budget control and ideation gives you the right market perspective and offers solutions that are really penetrative.
"If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you."

Project Strategies & Survey


“Every brand isn’t for everybody, and everybody isn’t for every brand.”–Liz Lange 

  • Packzy is headed by CEO Mani and he supervises its day-to-day functioning. With the combination of clear vision and deep knowledge on supply chain processes, he strikes the right balance between designing, manufacturing and delivering packaging products. With prior planning, timely collaborative efforts and real time decisions, Mani and the team coordinate the production and delivery of products.
  • Our professional way of organizing the schedules has enabled us to form long-term partnerships with Asian engineers which has given us the leverage to make big raw materials purchases and maximize the production flexibility.
  • The DPI Asia Department of each supplier advises on measures to minimize material wastes through efficiency while maintaining price and quality stability.