About the project

Mono laminates are biaxially based or metallised films in plastic, such as EVOH and PVC. Plastic materials due to the barrier qualities, these films are often used for the packaging perishable.
Monolayer laminates are biaxial-oriented film wrapping. BOPP, EVOH and PVC are commonly used. Often available are metal-metallic monolayer laminates. Mono-layer laminates are used mainly in order to increase their shelf life as interior linings of the consumer packaging. Due of its excellent barrier properties, monolayer laminates avoid gaseous interactions between the interior and exterior of the package, which guarantee that the inner contents remain fresh, aromatic and odorless.

Material: BOPP, PE, PVC, PET
Printing Type: Flexographic (Surface, Reverse), Gravure (Surface, Reverse)
Recyclable: Yes
Customizations: Thickness, Material, Finishing (Gloss, Matte)
Applications: Food, cosmetics, frozen products, pharmaceuticals, consumer products
Industry: Food & Beverages, Auto Ancillary, Consumer Durables, FMCG, Pharmaceutical