About the project

A simple plastic pouch for packing food and other peregrinations is the vacuum pouch which eliminates the air from the packing. For this sort of bag, individual or multi-layer films are usually used.
Pouch vacuum aims to increase the storage life of perishable goods by a decrease in oxygen consumption. Vacuum bags utilize a vacuum sealing system so that much of the air is squeezed out of the container until it is sealed. The polymer layers used in packaging resist moisture loss, mold or bacteria development and ambient air interaction. The vacuum is also wrapped in food items such as fresh beef, seafood or vegetables.

Material: BOPP, PE, PET A combination of above depending on requirement
Printing Type: Flexographic (Surface, Reverse), Gravure (Surface, Reverse)
Window Possible: Yes (Optional)
Standard Finishing: Matte / Gloss / Matte-Gloss
Recyclable: Yes / No This depends on the combination of material used in developing the product.
Customizations: Thickness, Material Combination, Sizes, Finishing
Industry: Food & Beverages, FMCG, Pharmaceutical