About the project

A single top that goes over the lower body or a similarly goes in the Telescopic cartons. There are a variety of unjoined bits in such cartons.
Throughout the shipping industry, telescopic boxes are popular. We have 5 top and bottom wall unconnected, each fitting. These boxes can be personalized to print, laminate, size and lacquer. These cartons are ideal for storage and even ventilation of food products. The grades for flute for better efficiency are often special.

No of Plys: 3, 5, 7, 9
Material: Recyclable Kraft paper, Virgin Kraft paper, Golden Kraft paper
Flute: A / B / C, | AC,AB,BB,BC As per requirement
Printing Type: Flexographic, Offset, Screen
Recyclable: Yes
Customizations: Lamination, Varnishing, GSM / BF (Bursting Factor), BS & CS (Bursting Strength / Compression Strength), Size
Applications: Secondary & Tertiary (Mostly), Food Packaging, Consumer Durables and for Odd-Shaped Products.
Industry: Across all industries