About the project

VCI bags are used for the storage of iron goods capable of oxidizing and sweating or corroding with time. Such bags hamper corrosive properties and improve shelf-life.
VCI or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor pouches are used to enhance the ferrous materials’ shelf life. Such sackcloths are filled with rust-resistant films. They are typically used for devices, sensors, computer equipment, automobile and bicycle pieces, electric switches and other metal-polluting items.

Material: PE
Printing Possible: Yes
Coating Type: Depending on metal to be packaged
Additional Features: Zipper, Gusset, Shrink Film
Recyclable: No
Customizations: Size, Coating Type
Applications: Industrial and engineering components such as screws, nuts and bolts, wires, resistances and other ferrous components.
Industry: Consumer Durables, Auto Ancillary, Engineering